Treatment VS Treatment

Our ongoing relationship with University of Maryland Research presented this new and challenging project. How to take a polarizing topic like The organizational structure of congress and treat it appropriately. The client wanted a serious tone, but also something visually interesting to elicit enough curiosity about the subject matter that people would want to read the study. So, in an effort to treat the topic with respect and not just riff with whimsical cartoon characters, we opted for a historically serious treatment. We illustrated each scene similar to a court reporter visually documenting history, but added a twist. We turned the illustrations into 3D environments to add depth and a sense of space. Additionally we mixed the illustrations in with simple 3D animations to vary the visuals. Slowly, over the length of the video, we added more and more color to create a sense of resolution and understanding. The resulting explainer video is interesting and easy to watch. We were very grateful to have the opportunity to work on this and collaborate with our client.